TX Series Transfer Switches

Generac Automatic Transfer Switch

New to the Generac industrial transfer switch line is the TX Series. The TX line of transfer switches was Generac designed to be the safest on the market and the most reliable in emergency situations.

Protective Enclosure Door

The enclosure door on all TX Series transfer switches prevents exposure to high current and arc flashing.

Front Accessibility

Controls, customer connections and USB port are front accessible, making firmware updates easier and safer to complete.

No PPE Required

When the enclosure door is installed no PPE is required for controller use, firmware updates or data downloads.

Standard Heater

While competitors offer a programmable heater as an add-on, they are standard on TX Series transfer switches, making them safe for use in outdoor applications.

Built-In Battery

Battery backup increases switch transition time to alternate source and provides power to the controller for 60 minutes in the event of no source availability.

High Withstand And Closing Rating (WCR)

High withstand and closing ratings with optional 3 cycle ratings available increases reliability in the event of an emergency.

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