Generac PSTS Transfer Switches

PSTS Series Generator Transfer Switches

The Power Series Transfer Switch line features 3 different platforms with multiple technologies to offer the most flexible solutions up to 5,000 AMPs.  All platforms are rated for 3 cycle operation with highly reliable mechanisms with safety interlocks. Service entrance models are 100 percent rated and available with integral overcurrent protection.

About PSTS Transfer Switches

Standard — Provides fast transfers and is an economical and easy-to-use choice for most facilities.

Service Entrance — Provides a disconnect that interrupts excessive voltage and allows for manually disconnecting your facility from the electrical utility. Rated for full load transfers in critical operating, emergency, legally required, and optional power systems.

Bypass Isolation — Designed for transfer switch applications where maintenance must be performed while maintaining continuous power to the load.

Manual – Designed for applications having a need for a mobile generator, providing reliable and easy-to-use connections for safe and quick backup power connection.

Standard Features

  • 100 – 5000 Amp
  • Open with Time Delay Neutral or In-Phase Transfer
  • Closed Transition
  • Bypass Isolation
  • Contactor, Power Frame, or Molded Case Breaker
  • 2, 3, 4 Pole
  • NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4 & 4X
  • Microprocessor Based Control
  • Two Wire Start – Any Generator Controller
  • Service Entrance and Non-Service Entrance Rated

Optimized for Performance

Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for the ultimate in consistency. Form winding and stack bracing ensures reliable performance. Rotor spin balancing eliminates vibration. And vented rotors contribute to cooler operation, longer life and enhanced efficiency.

PSTS Transfer Switches – Standard Entrance

Generac Industrial Power offers more innovative transfer switch options than any other manufacturer. Our top-of-line PSTS provides reliability, durability, and functionality, and works with virtually any controller.

PSTS Transfer Switches – Service Entrance Rated

Generac’s responsive and bullet-proof service entrance rated switches are designed for use in emergency, legally required, and optional standby applications. These switches meet UL 1008 standards for service entrance applications, as well as CSA, NFPA, NEC, ISO, ANSI, OSHPD and IEC.

PSTS Transfer Switches – Bypass Isolation

These distinctive Generac models combine an automatic transfer switch with an isolation mechanism and a manual bypass switch to provide redundant power transfer and re-transfer capability for critical-need applications requiring consistent and uninterrupted power to the load.

PSTS Transfer Switches – Manual

Generac’s Manual PSTS switches are ideal for use in applications having a need for a mobile generator. All switches come with standard, code compliant interlocked cam-lock connections, which makes them reliable for use in these applications.

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